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Nov 20, 2018

An introduction to Dchurched - A place to connect with Jesus beyond the doors of the church....
Sometimes in life we are called to let go of structures and forms that have been part of our lives up until this point.  Like a lobster that leaves a shell that has become too constrictive.  It's risky and vulnerable to take this journey, but you know you must.  Maybe the church, as you have experienced it, is one of those forms or structures that you have had to leave.   You have questions that are not safe to ask.  You have found the community too conforming and unable to cope with differences of opinion or identity.  Maybe you have had to hide your true self.  Or struggled with how church related to the outside world.  It might be that you have been wounded or violated by those in leadership.  At Dchurched we want to provide a safe context  to keep doing life with Jesus outside the church walls.  So if you are dechurched, join us at Dchurched. Our facebook community can be found at