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Oct 12, 2021

‘How can I be at home with others unless I am at home with myself?’

We are called to love others as we love ourselves.  But loving ourselves should not be assumed.  It requires an increasing apprehension of God's love for us.  So many religious types end up being shrill about their truths and dumping their insecurities on others because of an inner script of judgement rather than the love of God.  And so many walk away from faith because of this failure to communicate love by fellow journeyers.  Christians can behave like jerks to gays, refugees, and many others not like them.  Why?  Because of how they perceive truth, humility and God's nature.

In this episode, Jools explores ways to overcome the tendency to force our will on others.  Instead he offers ways to overcome the self defeating scripts in all our heads.

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